Oceanea Press Release

Thomas Dolby – Press Release


Reclusive solo artist Thomas Dolby is preparing to break his 20-year silence with a brand new studio album ‘A Map Of The Floating City’ due for release in Summer 2011. Prior to the album Thomas is releasing ‘Oceanea’ on March 28th, a three-track EP filled with soaring melodies, intriguing storytelling and vividly cinematic textures. Featuring guest vocals by Eddi Reader, ‘Oceanea’ sees a return to Dolby’s melodic and atmospheric roots. “The new songs are organic and very personal,” explains Dolby. “The songs on ‘Oceanea’ are a reflection of my natural home on the windswept English coastline.” These days he writes and records aboard a solar and wind-powered 1930s lifeboat in the garden of his beach house in East Anglia.

Now living back in his native UK, after 25 successful years in the USA, Thomas is busy completing the album ‘A Map Of The Floating City’ which features appearances by special guest artists Mark Knopfler, Regina Spektor, Eddi Reader, Natalie MacMaster, Bruce Woolley and Imogen Heap. Says Thomas, “This album does not sound electronic at all. I have zero desire to add to the myriad of machine-based, synth-driven grooves out there. What I do best is write songs, tell stories.”

Thomas Dolby’s impressive recording & production career now stretches over 30 years. His commercial breakthrough came with the 1982 release of his very first album – ‘The Golden Age Of Wireless’ which featured the hit ‘She Blinded Me With Science’. Go back a year and Dolby’s innovative synthesiser work was already making it’s mark. Foreigner’s massive ‘Waiting for A Girl like You’ hit single with that weaving synth intro – Dolby’s work. Cue 1983 and Thomas Dolby is guesting on Def Leppard’s ‘Pyromania’ album. In the same year he appears as producer for US rap wonders Whodini who release an absolute B Boy classic with ‘Magic’s Wand’. 1984 saw the release of Dolby’s second album, the expansive masterwork ‘The Flat Earth’, which alongside Talk Talk’s ‘Colour Of Spring’ (released in 1986), raised the artistic bar considerably. ‘The Flat Earth’ featured Dolby’s biggest single success – ‘Hyperactive!’ – a fine piece of pop-art funk that was originally written for Michael Jackson. It still sounds like the eccentric English cousin of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’. The 12″ released on the collectable Parlophone Odeon label is treasured amongst beat head DJs. From 1985-1992, Thomas Dolby released two more albums – collaborating with George Clinton on the bold ‘Aliens Ate My Buick’ – and 1991’s ‘Astronauts And Heretics’, which featured Grateful Dead supremo Jerry Garcia alongside Siouxsie And The Banshees’ Budgie. In addition to his solo output, Dolby produced Prefab Sprout (the classic Prefab albums ‘Steve McQueen’ & ‘Jordan: The Comeback’), Joni Mitchell (‘Dog Eat Dog’ album), appeared with David Bowie at Live Aid, worked with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters at The Wall in Berlin, and performed at the Grammy’s with Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock.

Thomas Dolby quit the music business in the early ’90s and spent many years in Silicon Valley, where he founded tech company Beatnik Inc and co-invented the polyphonic created the ringtone synthesizer embedded in more than 2 billion Nokia mobile phones.

In 2001 Dolby became Musical Director of The TED conference, an annual event in Long Beach, California that attracts some of the world’s foremost thinkers, inventors, and speakers. In this capacity he provides live musical introductions to sessions, sometimes with an eclectic TED House Band, as well as helping secure guest musicians and entertainers. At last year’s conference, Dolby was joined onstage by David Byrne for an inspiring performance of Talking Heads’ ‘(Nothing But) Flowers’.

Following his involvement in Beatnik Inc, Dolby returned to his musical career and the live arena in 2006. US dates, an appearance at London’s O2 festival in Hyde Park, and a triumphant night at London’s Scala re-affirmed this performer’s importance on the big stage. A 2007 appearance at America’s SxSW festival was followed by a string of further UK shows and in 2009 EMI released ‘The Singular Thomas Dolby’ which brought together all of Thomas’s great singles on one ace compilation. In 2010 Dolby released ‘Amerikana’, a download EP exclusive to his online community, The Flat Earth Society. A particular highlight is the richly atmospheric ’17 Hills’ featuring some virtuoso guitar from Mark Knopfler.

Along with ‘Oceanea’, these EPs help consolidate Dolby’s fanatical online fanbase while previewing music from his upcoming album. Thomas Dolby has created a further way for fans to get early access to his new material in the shape of an extraordinary social network-based game, ‘The Floating City’, to be launched this Spring via Facebook, Twitter and Dolby’s online forum The Flat Earth Society. By building a post-apocalyptic, barter-based trading culture around the objects and places named in Dolby’s songs, solving puzzles related to his lyrics, and discovering clues embedded in unique remixes, players will be able to win a sneak preview of other new songs from the forthcoming album as well as some special prizes. The ‘Oceanea’ EP will be available from March 28th.

Thomas Dolby is expected to announce some UK dates shortly.
Thomas Dolby ‘Oceanea’ EP March 28th
1. Oceanea 2. Simone 3. To The Lifeboats

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