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Thomas Dolby – Press Release


Italian iPhone game wizards team up with UK rocker Thomas Dolby

MILAN, Italy December 15th 2010: The mobile games division of Xenesys s.r.l. announced today the release of a new iPhone application ‘Toad Lickers’, which is available for immediate download from the Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store ( at a price of US$2.99.
‘Toad Lickers’ is inspired by a new song performed by noted English synthesist/songwriter Thomas Dolby, who also had a major hand in designing the game. In this addictive musical twitch-game, the player controls a cheeky animated toad that’s out to gobble up all sorts of delicious bugs, candies, cupcakes, and psychedelic mushrooms. As the toad fattens himself up with rare and delicious insects, the colors of his natural camouflage become all the more vibrant and exotic. He then has to avoid accidentally eating poison, or getting spotted by the sinister police patrol car, which can flatten an unlucky amphibian in an instant!

The song is a hilarious mashup of Techno and Bluegrass styles, featuring banjo, fiddle, and accordion, mixed with Thomas Dolby’s satirical lyrics and typically funk-tinged electronic keyboards and programming. The lyrics are a pastiche of roots Americana, but this cene is set in the Snowdonia ‘mountains’ of North Wales, and stars a tribe of hungry toad-licking eco-hippies. It is one of several new Thomas Dolby songs that make up the soundtrack to the ‘Toad Lickers’ iPhone game.

Players gobble their way through as series of graphic levels, racking up big scores to compete for top places in the Apple Game Center. Winning scores are rewarded with unlockable bonus content, including a special exclusive Thomas Dolby song unavailable elsewhere, plus a video that takes you behind the scenes at the filming of Thomas’ video for ‘Toad Lickers’, which recently entered the YouTube Top 20 ‘most viewed’ music video chart.

The ‘Toad Lickers’ game is typical of the new generation of musically hip, graphic-rich iPhone apps being snapped up from the Apple Store by mobile gamers.

‘Xenesys s.r.l is one of Italy’s leading developers of web / mobile based solutions and system integration, specializing in smart phones and handheld devices such as Apple iPhone and iPad.”


Five-time Grammy™-nominated artist Thomas Dolby was one of the original stars of MTV with hit songs like ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ and ‘Hyperactive.’ He founded technology company Beatnik Inc. and created the polyphonic ringtone engine embedded in over three billion mobile phones manufactured by Nokia (NYSE:NOK) and others. He has now returned to music and is working on a new studio album, his first in nearly 20 years.


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